Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Travel This Season In Fashion

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Travel season is upon us. I know some of us always dread trying to find something comfortable yet still fashionable to wear to the airport.  Check out these tips to help you travel in style, yet still feel comfortable.

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 **Dress Nice! - Hundreds of people see you in an airport.  You can still look stylish and feel comfortable.  Choose something simple yet nice. Make your carry-on functional by choosing a basic tote style. (Tip) I always use a cross body purse on vacation so I shove it in the tote and then use the tote as my purse on the plane and then have a carry on as well.  Just make sure you use a tote that looks like a large purse and one that is large enough hold a your tablet, or magazines, makeup essentials and chargers.

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**Don’t Over Accessorize – You probably don’t want to go through the hassle of taking everything off at security and then have to put it all back on after, so wear minimal accessories. Choose pieces that are easy to take off.  Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off as well.

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**Wear Layers! – If you fly often you know how cold airports and airplanes can be, so make sure you layer up. Piling on layers gives you the option to remove outer pieces (blazer, scarf, etc.) when necessary after reaching your destination. These are all pieces that we usually want on our trip anyway and don’t always fit in our suitcase!

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**Stick to Neutrals – I have found that while traveling the chic look of neutrals and or with a combination of blues can look better than the bright colors that we tend to wear while on our vacations.  We just don’t really wear our “happy face” while traveling and after a long flight and walking back and forth through the airports the neutrals just seem to work better with our natural look and don’t draw too much attention to our tired look. You can add a pop of color with your tote, shoes and scarf if you don’t like to be too neutral.


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**Stick to Comfortable Clothing – This is my  #1 rule when I choose my “flight attire”.  Wearing anything too tight will make you feel even more restricted in that cramped space you have on the plane so when you choose your outfit choose wisely. Pick something that is truly comfortable and has style.  I always say if I could sit at my kitchen table (the kitchen table because it’s not a fun place to sleep) and fall asleep, well, BINGO this is good “flight attire”!

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