Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not Just A White T-Shirt

Image Source:  popsugar.com

Do you ever have something that you want to wear and search and search the closet for something to pair with it?  Well I tell you, search no more!  I bet you never thought of just grabbing your crisp white 'T' and you are all set!  That white t-shirt is not just a white t-shirt anymore.  It is an essential part of every woman's closet.  As a matter of fact, I truly believe that we should all own at least two sleeveless, two capped sleeve, two short sleeve, and two long sleeve.   The reason I say two of each is because they come in different thicknesses. 

Image Source:  style-and-fashio.net

This 'T' is paired with black leather pants and dressed up with the red heels.  I love this look.  It really goes from day into night just throw on any color of jacket to make it an evening outfit.

Image Source:  shemazing.com

Image Source:  whowhatwear.com

Dress up any pair of jeans, your distress boy jeans or your fitted straight legs!  Both of these looks are ready for a day of meetings or dinner with friends.

Image Source:  popsurgar.com

This look is a pair of colored denim paired with a nautical blazer and brown heels.  Looks great for the office or any occasion!

Image Source:  kelaskloset.com

Don't be afraid to pair the 'T' with your skirts too!  Take a look at the way these ladies styled their white t-shirt!  Also keep in mind it is really in to wear printed T's too.  So if you want, wear a solid pencil skirt with a print 'T'.

Image Source:  fashionista-next-door.com

Image Source:  thesandablogspot.com

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