Sunday, August 30, 2015

Did Someone Say Boots?

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Did someone say boots?  Well, I tell you I am happy to hear it!  My favorite time of year is when I get to break out my boots and sweaters.  We have all sorts of ways to style those boots this year.  Wearing your ankle boots with just about anything too!  Check out all of these great looks for fall 2015.

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When you wear the ankle boots you don't always have to tuck your pants into them, think about rolling up your jeans, it looks great.

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I love this look.  It is a classic, never goes out of style!

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Dress up those military boots!  This look is great with the sweater and tan jacket with cohesive jewelry.

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Yes the knee high boots are in and they can be classy.  This look is very cute.

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Now for a look at my boots... I think I need to do some more shopping after seeing some of these looks.  Hmmm... 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Love Our Dogs!

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Casual Day, silk navy blouse paired with dark blue jeans.

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Ladies what better time to celebrate our 'best friend'?   That best friend I am speaking of is our very loyal four legged friend.  When we are down, they always sense our feelings and know to come and cheer us up.  All they need to do is hang around and that seems to bring on a smile.   If you don't have a dog, you sure are missing out.  They truly do love unconditionally!  
Enjoy these great looks of fashion for the turn of August weather and taking your pooch out for a walk!
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A sophisticated look of all white with a black blazer.  Cute dog too!
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Fun A-line skirt with sweater and hat. 
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Cute and casual is this outfit, styled with skinny jeans, cropped sweater and paired with basic black accessories, ready to walk this tired adorable dog.
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I love this combination!  The white skinny jeans and white light weight sweater paired with the tan jacket and tan shoes.  Her knit hat looks great on her too!
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This one is ready for a sophisticated evening out!  She must be taking the poodles out for a quick walk before an important business dinner.
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Great floral skirt and black top put the sleeves up at work and push them down when you leave for that night on the town!
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Great dress for the office or  Sunday brunch!
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This is a fun outfit, styled with a print 'T', white jeans rolled halfway up these red boots, a brown vest, and this great black and white over coat!  This cute dog is a great accessory too!
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Remember, the riding outfit never goes out of fashion!  Always a classic!
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A grey trench style dress with wedge heels, so cute!
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