Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Winter Fashion Favorites

                                           Image Source:  livelovefittnessfashionwordpress

           The three fashion favorites that we are seeing all over the country, on the streets and on the runways are staples that stand the test of time.  They are suede and leather, fur and faux fur, and tweed.  These items are pieces that spice up any ensemble to bring them new life.  That's why we love seeing these again this year along with the tweed making its comeback, designers have come up with some outstanding new ideas with this fabric!  Take a look at what we have found and see how easy it is to add a little "jazz" to your style this winter!

            Fur - Faux Fur & Feathers

                                                             Image Source: gettyimages
                                                                Image Source: styleideals

                                                            Image Source: yournextshoes
                                                           Image Source:  fashionfoodcoctails

                                                               Image Source: shemazing

                  Suede & Leather
                                                            image Source:  syndeystyle

                                                            Image Source:  dailymail
                                                             Image Source:  thezoereport
                                                                     Image Source: justthedesign
                                                                      Image Source: fashiongum

                                                            Image Source:  pinterest
                                                          Image Source: blogindiaspopup

                                                                 Image Source:  aliexpress
                                                         Image Source: sarahstlesseattle

                                                            Image Source: helloshopping

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