Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stepping Out In Your Personal Style

This week we are looking at individual styles. When I walk around and people watch the way I like to do, I think of fashion and the sheer definition of it, being this, the items you fill your closet with, it's up to your style what you do with them.  I love how Rachel Zoe put it when she said, " Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".
Now let's take a look at some varieties of styling!

      Image Source: nordstom.com

Image Source:  fashionfav

This faux fur long vest has been styled with an over sized oxford dark denim and off white booties.  The tan fedora looks great too.

Image Source:  becomechic

For you sweater lovers, look how she has styled this over sized comfy sweater with a fur infinity scarf, leggings and knee high boots.

Image Source:  innercirclesunglasshut

I love how she has mixed these bright colors in the winter!  Wearing a pink suede long jacket with knee high suede boots, and an yellow jumper style dress with the orange leather bag.

Image Source:  fashiongum

This combo is on the trendy side and she is pulling it off perfectly!  Wearing knee high alligator print boots, with plaid beret and plaid jumper with the fur trimmed leather jacket, looks runway ready!

Image Source:  notey

This is a lovely ensemble with the baby blue soft jacket, cobalt blue dress with black tights and black booties, a good contrast.

Image Source:  shotbygio

Its always good to style your ruffled blouses with a good pair of denim jeans, it dresses them down just a bit and looks great, add a pair of chunky healed shoes and your outfit is complete.

Image Source:  notey

This may look like your traditional office outfit but if you look a little closer you will notice she styled it a little differently.  She rolled the pant legs and added an edgy shoe.  Makes it her own style.

Image Source:  mattbarrieres

The tennis shoes with a blazer, dress pants, or even a skirt, is a common look these days, but if its not styled correctly can't be pulled off.  This is a good look.

Image Source:  fabooshlane

The fur is not just for the evening at the opera.  Style it with denim, booties, and even vans if done right.  This faux fur and fedora looks great.

Image Source:  pinterest

Not everyone can style overalls.  I am giving this lady an A+.  She has done a great job with the striped blouse and the clogs as well as the hat.  Very cute!

Image Source:  fashionisers

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